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by PangaeaGalleria.com

At PangaeaGalleria.com, we make it simple to buy and sell paintings online. Sometimes, the best solution is the simplest and most inexpensive. Pangaea gives the entire world access to your high quality fine art. Look at these benefits:
  1. Lowest buyer premiums

  2. No Listing fees to sell art work

  3. We have extensive Curator programs to promote the Art

  4. We have additional online marketing packages at low fees

  5. Designed for artists, galleries, and collectors

  6. Sell works of art to a global market of certified buyers

  7. Our focus is Paintings, Drawings, Watercolors, Sculptures, Artifacts, Photographs, Prints

  8. Buy unique pieces without paying all those commission overheads

After extensive research we realized that there are limited avenues for major galleries to sell their most valuable works of art to a global market of serious buyers. Therefore, we decided to do something about it by developing a FREE fine arts marketplace that is an extension of major galleries and artists.

We make it simple & highly SECURE to buy art online. PangaeaGalleria.com is the best solution that gives the entire world access to high quality fine art posted within our online showroom. Our mission is to become "The Ultimate Fine Arts Showroom" of the world by connecting serious buyers to quality fine art provided by with qualified artist, galleries, and collectors. Come help us achieve our dream, and we will help you achieve yours.

GALLERY ASSET PROTECTION: We protect participating galleries by continually monitoring our registrations and category pages to ensure that a represented artist is not bypassing his/her gallery by selling within our marketplace as a provider.  This is absolutely prohibited and the fine art will be taken down immediately after there is evidence of this unprofessional behavior.  We only accept independent artists who do not have an exclusive legal binding contract with a gallery.


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